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Welding Water Cooler


Product origin :HUNAN,CHINA

Delivery time :20days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :5000ton per week

Main features of 20L tig water cooler:

Economical and practical water tank, light weight, small size, easy to move.

The water storage tank is integrally formed with high-temperature-resistant materials which is preventing water leakage.

Using a diaphragm pump, avoid scale incrustation after long time using.

Transparent water inspection Windows, in order to timely grasp the water level.

Forward filling nozzle which is convenient to water injection.

The unique design of wind tunnel type radiator cooling volume increased by 20% than the others’ products.

Welding Water Cooler

Product function

Old type


New type



Iron pump

Plastic pump

Big power 370W stainless steel pump

High flow, high lift, no rust, no block


Steel Piperadiator

Aluminum piperadiator

3-rows steel pipe, a large area of high-density cooling fins design

Super cooling

cooling fan


Standred fan

Rotating fan

Smaller fan


No dust

Intelligent Alarm



   Real-time detection alarm

Water over heating alarm; Water close to the freezing point alarm

Multiple overload protection



   Multiple overload protection

Safe and

How to choose the suitable 20L tig water cooler for the machine?

1.As for the Plasma cutting machine, such as LG-60, LG-100, LG-130, LG-200 and LG-400 with water cooling cutting torch, you can choose LX11-20B or CT-20.

2.As for the above 400A welding machine with water cooling TIG welding torch, you can choose LX11-20B or CT-20.

3.As for the below 350A welding machine with water cooling TIG welding torch, you can choose CT-10.

4.As for the LXII-60, it used less in welding industry. And it can supply water cooling system for the two machines at the same time.


Application of 20L tig water cooler : 

1.Plasma cutting machine. Such as the LG200/LG400 must be equipped with water tank, otherwise the temperature is too high; it is easy to burn out cutting nozzle during the operation.

2.induction heater

3.Spot welding machine

4.Argon ARC welding machine ,MIG/MAG gas shielded welding machine

5.If the rated current above 200A,the water-cooled TIG Argon arc welding gun and plasma cutting gun must be equipped with water tank during operation .

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