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Tungsten Electrode

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :Hunan, China

Delivery time :20 days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :5000 tons per week

Tungsten Electrode Features: high melting point, low arc ignition, good arc stability, non-consumable. Tungsten electrode added 0.15-4% ThO2, CeO2, La2O3, ZrO2 which can reduce the burn-off rate of electrode, prolong its service life, not pollute the welding seam, increase launching ability of tungsten electrode with excellent welding appearance and quality.

Applications: electrode for TIG welding and plasma welding, cutting, spray-coating and smelting.

Main products: Black or ground electrode of Thoriated tungsten, Cerated tungsten, Lanthanated tungsten, Ziraconiated tungsten, Pure Tungsten.

Diameters Range: 1.0-12.0mm

Tungsten rodTungsten rodTungsten rod

Tungsten rod

ModelStandardChemical CompositionColours
Added Chioride % SubstancesImpurities % Tungsten (%)
WAWS 5.12
ISO 6848

< 0.2099.8Green
WT4AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
0.35-0.55ThO2< 0.20RemBlue
WT10AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
0.80-1.20ThO2< 0.20RemYellow
WT20AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
1.70-2.20ThO2< 0.20RemRed
WT30AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
2.80-3.20ThO2< 0.20RemViolet
WT40AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
3.80-4.20ThO2< 0.20RemOrange
WZ3AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
0.15-0.50ZrO2< 0.20RemBrown
WZ8AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
0.70-0.90ZrO2< 0.20RemWhite
WL10AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
0.90-1.20LaO2< 0.20RemBlack
WCe20AWS 5.12
ISO 6848
41.08-2.20CeO2< 0.20RemGrey

Tungsten Electrode Packing

Tungsten rod

Tungsten rod

Tungsten rod

Tungsten rod

Tungsten Electrode Application

Used for inert gas protection arc welding, plasma cutting, spra-coating and furnace.

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