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Roll (seam) Welding Machine

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 Days

Supply capacity :5000 Sets per month

Rolling Seam Welding Machine is the evolution of spot welder. It uses the roller electrode to replace the cylindrical electrode of spot welding and as the welding work piece moves between the rolling plates, the seal welding will generate weld nuggets which will overlap with each other so as to achieve welding effect. The weld seam of roll welding is composed of welding spots. According to different overlap of the melting cores, it could be divided into roll spot welding and air-tight seam welding. There exist three stages in the forming process of welding spots: pressurization, heating fusing and cooling crystallization like spot welding.

1. Adopt intelligent microcomputer single piece controller which achieve pure digital setting. Online computer programming, LED digital display, stable performance, convenient modification of the program online.
2. Adopt intelligent microcomputer control welding system. When the voltage fluctuates, it will compensate the welding current automatically to ensure the stability of welding.
3. Adopt digital circuit control; select the components from famous factories in the world to ensure the equipment could operate steadily in the long run.
4. Adopt SEMIKRON from West Germany, IXYS and IR silicon controlled from United States. High precision, long operating life, achieve high stability control of the magnitude of current.
5. The transmission tile axis adopts the latest mercury conductive technology from abroad. State-of –the-art technology with good performance in transmission and conductivity.
6. Welding roll wheel adopts the alloy copper material from Japan. High rigidity, good conductivity.
7. The transformer adopts the high pure silicon steel sheet from Japan, good performance in magnet and electricity conductivity. Low consumption of electricity. Stronger and more stable power.
8. Welding mold and the connection of the whole machine uses the mosaic connection. Easy to be assembled and disassembled.
9. AC pulse, secondary rectifying and three-phase medium frequency type of welding power source are available.

Rolling Seam Welding Machine 

Roll (seam) Welding MachineRoll (seam) Welding Machine

Welding Wheel Manner
Input VoltageOutput PowerOutput Current
FSH-16KHorizontal220/ 380V16 KW10000 A
FSL-25KCircular220/ 380V25 KW12000 A
FSH-25KHorizontal220/ 380V25 KW12000 A
FSH-35KHorizontal380V35 KW16000 A
FSZ-50KVertical380V50 KW19500 A
FSZ-75KVertical380V75 KW24000 A
FST-50KSpecial Machine structure380V50 KW19500 A
FST-150KSpecial Machine structure380V150 KW40000 A
FST-200KSpecial Machine structure380V200 KW50000 A
FS-100KVertical380V100 KW30000 A

Roll welding machine 2.png 


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