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Pulsed Argon Arc Welding Machine

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 Days

Supply capacity :5000 pieces per month

Pulsed Argon Arc Welding Machinev Features: The use of SCR flow circuit, easy maintenance, low noise, high efficiency; high-frequency high-pressure arc, high success rate; welding current is gentle and stable, uniform weld appearance. By adjusting the pulse current and pulse frequency, the required weld width, depth of dissolution, and number of weld ripples can be controlled. This series welder has DC TIG welding, AC TIG welding, DC pulse TIG welding, exchange hands welding, DC manual welding five functions. Applications: DC pulsed argon arc welding is applicable to stainless steel, copper, titanium and carbon steel. AC argon welding is suitable for welding aluminum, magnesium, aluminum alloys, brass and other materials.


Pulsed Argon Arc Welder

Model WSE-200WSE-250WSE-315
Input power (V)220/380220/380220/380
Rated input capacity (KVA)121420
Rated no-load voltage (V)55-11560-11565-125
Ajusting range of welding current(A)10-20010-25010-315
Rated load sustained rate60%60%60%
Welding thickness0.3-5.00.3-8.00.3-12.0
Insulation level  FFF
Shell protection gradeIP21IP21IP21
Overall dimension (mm)680x480x800680x480x800780x480x800


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