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Plasma cutting torch Panasonic

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :3000 pcs/month

Plasma cutting torch Panasonic uses the heat of high temperature plasma to make the metal at the work piece cut melt locally, and use high-speed plasma momentum to discharge molten metal to form a cutting seam.

It is widely used because of its:
fasting speed
high cutting precision
easy setting of cutting conditions
easy to realize automation
unmanned operation and relatively low cost

Parameters of Plasma cutting torch Panasonic:

ModelRated current




Cutting torch

 complete length


No.1: torch body w/ site wheel

No.2: machine torch body

No.3: electrode

No.4: electrode American hafnium

No.5: tip

No.6: tip( hexangular)

No.7: shield cup

No.8: site wheel

WSD-P80-4: 12ft

WSD-P80-5: 15ft

WSD-P80-8: 25ft

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