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Carbon Steel And Self-shield Flux-cored Welding Wire


Product origin :HUNAN,CHINA

Delivery time :20days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :5000ton per week

self-shielding flux cored wire used for welding carbon steels. This product does not require a shielding gas and can be used in limited multi-pass welding operations. The bead appearance is not equal to a gas-shielded product, but the benefits of not having to use gas makes this product popular. E71T-11 operates on straight polarity only (DCEN).

Typical Applications
Butt, lap and fillet welds on steel 16 gauge through ½”
Assembly and maintenance welding

Welding Current
DCEN (Electrode Negative, Straight Polarity)

Chemical Composition

ItemChemical Composition
AWS E61T-G0.10.32-0.750.250.0350.04
AWS E71T-1C-J0.051.380.450.010.0160.48
AWS E71T-Ni1C0.121.5-
AWS E71T-1C0.061.390.440.010.019
AWS E70T-5C/M0.071.580.420.010.022
AWS E81T1-W2C0.120.5-1.30.35-
AWS E70T-9C0.121.5-
AWS E81T1-Ni1C0.121.5-
AWS E81T1-Ni2C0.121.5-
AWS E81T1-K2C0.150.5-1.750.80.030.031.-
AWS E80T5-KiC/K1M0.150.8-
AWS E91T1-K2C0.150.5-1.750.
AWS E91T1-Ni2C0.121.5-
AWS E91T1-GC0.
AWS E90T1-D3C0.121.0-1.750.
AWS E101T1-K3C0.150.75-
AWS E90T5-K4C0.150.5-1.750.
AWS E100T5-K3C/K3M0.150.75-
AWS E111T1-K3C0.150.75-
AWS E110T5-K3C/K3M0.150.75-
AWS E120T5-K4C/K4M0.151.2-

Machanical Properties of Deposited Metal

ItemMachanical Properties of Deposited Metal
GasRm/PmaRe1/Rp0.2 MpaA%kv2(J)
AWS E61T-GCO2420≥33022-2027
AWS E71T-1C-JCO257349027.4-40128
AWS E71T-Ni1CCO2490-620≥40020-30130
AWS E71T-1CCO255147529-20155
AWS E70T-5C/MCO2/m53144232.2-30123
AWS E81T1-W2CCO2550-69047019047
AWS E70T-9CCO255047022-3027
AWS E81T1-Ni1CCO2550-69047019-3027
AWS E81T1-Ni2CCO2550-69047019-4034
AWS E81T1-K2CCO2550-69047019-3034
AWS E80T5-KiC/K1MCO2550-69047019-4027
AWS E91T1-K2CCO2620-76054017-2027
AWS E91T1-Ni2CCO2620-76054017-4027
AWS E91T1-GCCO2620-76054017-3027
AWS E90T1-D3CCO2620-76054017-3027
AWS E101T1-K3CCO2690-83061016-2027
AWS E90T5-K4CCO2620-76054017-5027
AWS E100T5-K3C/K3MCO2690-83061016-5027
AWS E111T1-K3CCO2760-90068015-2027
AWS E110T5-K3C/K3MCO2760-90068015-5027
AWS E120T5-K4C/K4M80%Ar+20%CO2830-97074514-5027

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