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  • Magnesium Wire/rod

    Magnesium Wire/rod

    Applications: The corrosion of metal in salt or fresh water or in soil can be prevented by the use of galvanic anodes in a cathodic protection system. Magnesium anodes are used in such systems, most commonly to protect underground gas, oil and water pipelines.

  • Carbon Steel And Self-shield Flux-cored Welding Wire

    Carbon Steel And Self-shield Flux-cored Welding Wire

    self-shielding flux cored wire used for welding carbon steels. This product does not require a shielding gas and can be used in limited multi-pass welding operations. The bead appearance is not equal to a gas-shielded product, but the benefits of not having to use gas makes this product popular. E71T-11 operates on straight polarity only (DCEN). Typical Applications Butt, lap and fillet welds on steel 16 gauge through ½” Assembly and maintenance welding Welding Current DCEN (Electrode Negative, Straight Polarity)

  • Aluminum&Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire

    Aluminum&Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire

    Aluminum MIG welding wire /aluminum alloy welding wire ER4043 is a kind of aluminum & silicon alloy welding wires with 5% silicon, also name S331, and this product is of good liquidity, good forgeability, but lack of ductility. Due to the high silicon content, when used in the welding of high magnesium alloy, easily generated in the weld brittle Mg2Si, reduce the plasticity and the corrosion resistance of joint. In addition, the welding surface color dark, anodized after more different with parent metal color.

  • Stainless Steel Flux Cord Welding Wire

    Stainless Steel Flux Cord Welding Wire

    stainless steel flux cored wire comprises the combination of Titanium slag and high purity 304 steel.This 18-8 grade steel welding wire involves the austenitic-ferritic structure.The ferrite content in metallographic structure reaches 5-10FN. Feature: 1.It is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, pressure vessel industries, etc, such as 00Cr19Ni10(SUS304L). 2.Usage: 301, 302, 304, 305 and 308. 3.Welding Temperature: Less or equal to 300 degrees Celsius. 4.Welding position: It is suitable for all position. Notice: 1. Wire shall be stocked in dry. Open the packs just when welding to avoid the wire rust. 2. Before welding please clean out the oil, rust, water etc from the work parts. 3. Must use pure COBB2.BB Specifications 1. soft and stable arc 2. beautiful appearance of weld.good slag detachability 3. fewer spatters 4. This product is a kind of stainless steel gas-shielded flux-cored welding wire. 5. It has excellent welding performance. 6. All-position welding. 7. It is used for welding 304L Stainless steel 8. Shielding gas: 100% CO2

  • Tig Welding Wire

    Tig Welding Wire

  • Zinc Wire

    Zinc Wire

    Zinc Wire Feattures: Purity Zn > 99,995%, EN 117921 . Low Cadmium content: Cd 0,0002 - 0,0005 = only ca. 50% of the highest content allowed according to EN 117921 . Remarkable adhesiveness of zinc . Clean and smooth surface of the wire (good electric conductivity and high durability of nozzle) .

  • Hafnium Wire

    Hafnium Wire

    Hafnium Wire Material: above Hf 99.9% Purity: over 99.5% Melting point: 4215 Degree Density: 13.3g/cm3 Certificate: ISO9001 2008 CE Standards: ASTM b776 Hafnium's main purpose is to produce nuclear reactor control rods .Pure hafnium has a malleable, easy processing, high temperature corrosion resistance, is an important material for atomic energy industry.

  • Stainless Steel Gas Shielded Welding Wire

    Stainless Steel Gas Shielded Welding Wire

    Stainless steel gas shield welding wire Advantage: 1. Low welding costs. 2 High productivity and low electricity consumption. 3 Easy to operate. 4. All position welding. 5. Very low hydrogen content in the weld and lower nitrogen content. 6. Excellent crack-resistance. 7. Little deformation after welding. 8. Wide applicability. Suitable for welding thin, medium and thick plates.

  • Nicel Or Nicel Based Alloy Welding Wire

    Nicel Or Nicel Based Alloy Welding Wire

    Nickel alloy brazing filler metal is a very common type of brazing alloy, which has especial properties, such as high melting point, high strength, silvery color, superior corrosion resistance. Because of its good compatibility, it is widely used in the brazing process of stainless steel and steel. In many industries, especially automobile and tools, nickel alloy brazing filler metal is one of the most commonly applied filler metals. In the industry of automobile, many brazing joints need to have high corrosion resistance, for example, at the tail gas treatment system. The tail gas of automobile has oxynitride and sulfur oxide, which are mixed with water generating super corrosive mixture at the treatment system. Besides, the system usually works under high temperature. These conditions leave no choice but nickel alloy brazing filler metal to survive. In the industry of tools, similar high temperature and corrosive environment is frequently met. Many applications demand nickel alloy as the filler metal. Industry of instruments chooses nickel alloy brazing filler metal because of its high stability, and stainless steel utensils choose nickel alloy brazing filler metal for its silvery color. Because of the high melting point of nickel alloy brazing filler metal, it is mostly used in the vacuum or continuous furnaces. Consequently, the nickel alloy brazing filler metal appears as paste form in most applications. We can supply a wide range of brazing and soldering powder and pastes. Pastes can be supplied with and without flux and with various metal content percentages. Brazing filler metal paste is widely used in vacuum and continuous furnace. Recently, we developed the filler metal paste which can be used under air atmosphere, i.e. for flame and inductive brazing. To select the most appropriate brazing paste, many factors have to be taken into account, such as: materials to be joined, heating method, type of atmosphere, etc. We can also customize product for our customer. Nickel Alloy brazing filler metal paste is widely used to braze diamond and carbide with steel, stainless steel for tools. Also in car industry, nickel brazing filler metal paste is used to braze car pipe because of its corrosion resistance. Most nickel brazing filler metal paste are used in vacuum or continuous furnace.

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